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Case Study NND LTD

Management Consultancy, strategy, support & mentoring, pitching & presentation


Prior to setting up NND Ltd., Natasha Davis served as Vice President of Visual Merchandising for Burberry delivering extraordinary results across their global campaigns. NND Ltd. works with global luxury brands and individuals to create, execute, and deliver visual merchandising, windows and event experiences.


What we did

nth Degree Consultancy supported on two distinct projects, helping to identify optimum real-world strategies to help NND Ltd. accelerate their business, whilst giving expert mentoring and strategic consultancy, and eventually, supporting them to win new business.

  • • Project 1 - Client management, support and mentoring
  • • Project 2 - NND Ltd. had identified a potential new client. We supported them in identifying opportunities, developing a strategic plan and creating the pitch document that ultimately helped them to win the new business.

Nth Degree supported NND Ltd. in tailoring a brief to answer the challenges of their targeted potential client, refreshing and revitalising their brand image. We helped create a strong focused vision with the core concept for the refresh anchored on a 10 Point Plan.

We also recommended creating a series of in-store events as an excellent way to promote customer engagement, drive sales, raise brand profile and generate social media conversation and noise in the press.


  • “nth Degree have the ability to apply their knowledge professionalism, management skills to all situations with an incredible balance of creativity, business acumen and communication skills. We worked together on two distinct projects; they were able to steer and manage my company through a very complex situation of client management and vendor negotiation, delivering beyond expectations and also creating a future foundation for us to work from. They also worked on brand pitch, diligently researching the brand, identifying key areas of opportunity, creating a beautiful and compelling presentation. Which helped us to secure a new client. This serves as a testament to their human touch and being able to apply themselves to all situations; once nth Degree is commissioned with a project you can consider it complete and rest assured it will be delivered with energy, passion and to the highest level of execution”.

    Natasha Davis
    Company Director, NNDavis Ltd