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Lifestyle coaching

Action plan & goal setting, mentoring, decluttering, perspective change


We have worked with a number of individuals and successful business men and women helping them to organise and “declutter” their lives, create clarity of purpose, and to live from a healthier perspective on all levels. This in turn has helped them achieve increased wellbeing, productivity, free up blocked energy, and see improved creativity and vitality in order to flourish both personally and professionally.


Some case study examples:

Client 1, has a busy events and marketing business. Whilst the business was thriving, their personal life seemed to be in metaphorical chaos. We helped to de-clutter mentally, physically and emotionally, freeing up energy and achieving a sense of wellbeing and happiness. We set goals and implemented daily routines for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

  • • We physically decluttered a chaotic and disordered work space
  • • We helped alleviate a sense of overwhelm
  • • Productivity has improved, resulting in increased bandwidth and a greater work-life balance, happiness factor is up, the business is thriving and our client has more time to spend with their family and even time to go to the gym!

Client 2 was facing the daunting step of moving the family five thousand miles across the globe. nth Degree supported them in the logistics and down-to-earth applications of making this change as seamless as possible on both practical and emotional levels. This included; strategic advice, supporting the application to get the children into a very competitive schooling system in the US, creating a clear roadmap of how to practically make the move (whilst still running her business), and offering a new perspective dynamic to navigate the emotional rollercoaster.

  • • Both children got into a very exclusive school that was apparently “full”
  • • The move went seamlessly
  • • Our client enjoyed peace of mind during a major upheaval


  • “We started working with Niki on a project basis - bringing her in as additional, senior, resource for particular tasks, including project management, business development, and content marketing strategy. Niki always does more than just “the job”, and she naturally looks for deeper, holistic solutions. She has a genuine interest in the well-being and fulfilment of people, and over time, her role developed into that of a business coach, and this has led to sustained and powerful benefits in the way I approach my business, and my own wellbeing”.

  • “You make people shine and forget themselves, it’s an art”.

  • “You are so inspiring, you are the embodiment of joie de vivre, never ever change that. In fact, bottle it, that’s what, so the rest of us can buy some too ☺”.

  • “Your forte is being a breath of fresh air, it’s part of your unique personality too – seeing things in a different way, you speak in a unique, energetic way”.

  • “Your positivity has put me firmly on my feet”.