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Project Management, Event services, language services


FAPESP is one of the major funding agencies for scientific research in Brazil. In 2019, from February 11 to 13, the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) organized FAPESP WEEK LONDON. The symposium was aimed at strengthening the links between researchers from Brazil and the United Kingdom with the objective of promoting research partnerships and was part of the UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation (YoSI) 2018-2019.


Support in creation and planning, logistics, procurement and delivery of service providers for FAPESP Event week in London 2019, providing full event support and coordination.


What we did

  • • nth Degree partnered with the Brazilian Embassy delivering a series of events during FAPESP WEEK LONDON including; an elegant cocktail for over 100 attendees, a series of workshops and events
  • • We procured, negotiated and organised all service providers for the event to ensure seamless delivery
  • • nth Degree hired Brazilian caterers and staff for the event
  • • We organised a visit to University of Oxford nth Degree acted as liaison between Brazil and the UK using multi-lingual translation services as needed
  • • NTH Degree acted as liaison between Brazil and the UK using multi-lingual translation services as needed


The honourable Ambassador of Brazil, Fred Arruda, CEO and Chairman of FAPESP, as well key thought leaders from renowned Universities & Research entities across the globe attended this prestigious event.



  • “I am very impressed with nth Degree Consultancy's services, which I used on two separate occasions last February for the production of high-quality events held here at the Embassy of Brazil.

    NTH Degree Consultancy did an excellent job, with attention to detail and always keeping an eye out for anything they might be able to help with. Niki was ready to make an all-out effort to makes sure everyone was completely satisfied with the events they produced and I only heard highly positive comments on their performance”.

    Dr. Juliana Bertazzo
    Academic section, Embassy of Brazil